Friday, August 17, 2012

hi, remember me?

It has been a ridiculously long time...

Life happened and it keeps happening.

So let's get to it.

1. Gray's 3rd Birthday

Is it possible that i completely blanked taking any pictures?
Yes, it is.
Our house was packed. We had fun. 
Luckily my family takes pics like the paparazzi, so I'll be tracking them down :).

2. Willow's Baptism

Our sweet baby girl was finally baptized! We held off for quite a bit after birth (8 months...ahem.) until we could find her the perfect Godparents. That we did and they love our children so well.  Her baptism was performed by our Father Neal Nichols. FSSP. We have found our new parish to be a new home and a place of spiritual fulfillment and growth. First and foremost we have God to thank for that, but we are so very thankful to our priest as well. He has loved and supported us so well each step of the way! Pray for our priests!

Then we celebrated!

3. Aaron's Birthday

My poor husband forfeited his birthday party for Willow's baptism we celebrated at a Mexican restaurant. We don't exactly prefer to be publicly sung too. There were gifts on the table, one thing led to another, and this happened...

but, hey, we got to keep the hat!

4. We are going to start a mini homeschool with Gray. Nothing too intense just some fun learning structure and time with my big boy. I'll keep you updated. I'm a little nervous. We are using this:

We are also reading and doing projects based on a weekly theme. My inspiration for the idea comes from Emily at Charming the Birds from the Trees. We will also be doing lots of festal celebrations to try to pay homage to the beauty of our vast and rich liturgical calendar! More reasons to celebrate Jesus with our children all year long? Yes, I'm in!

What have you been up to?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

little blessings

My kids adore one another. Sometimes I forget to be thankful for that. Gray is so loving and gentle with his sister 90% of the time. For the sake of being real I will tell you that he had a mini freak out in his brain and hopped (like, jumped) over her one day. I felt like the wind got knocked out of me. After seeing me burst into tears, I don't think he'll ever pull that stunt again.

When I see Willow light up when he walks into the room...or when I put her down for a nap and Gray suddenly wonders where she is. These little moments melt my heart. If only I can push everything else aside and watch in awe. They won't be this little for long...

thoughts on modesty

Having a daughter changes things. I suddenly feel like I have not only love well as a mother, but also be a holy and feminine influence in her life. It's both exciting and challenging. While, as mothers, we mold all of our children's behaviors, as a mama to a daughter, we undoubtedly have an enormous amount of responsibility and influence.

Modesty has been something working more and more into my mind. Especially as I shopped for a swimsuit for my almost-5-month-old. Seriously. It's crazy out there and we need to protect our daughters and preserve them! I know the old adage..."they are just babies...," but this baby is mine and I want to protect her. So thus continued this sort-of modesty crusade, if you will. "Times have changed;" they most certainly have, and while I wish to dress with the times, per say, I also wish to seek the influence of holy women that walked before me. I'm not exactly sure how that translates in my every day, but I am becoming more conscious of what I wear each day and the message I am sending to my children.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

thoughts on mary

It's official. We are Catholic.

As I sit here, pouring coffee down my throat and listening to little noises that are telling me that a diaper is about to have to be changed...I ponder. There were some dogmas of the Catholic Church that I struggled to embrace at times, but the doctrines of Mary weren't one of them. Sure there was a time of haziness where I had to purge my brain of previous beliefs of what I thought the Church taught about Mary, but once I knew the Church's official stance, I was devoted. Why, I wonder?

I am a woman and a mother and as much as I cherish, love, and owe my God-given life to Jesus, sometimes it is just so hard to relate to Him. Now before you all think I've gone off the deep end and am "worshiping Mary," fret not. I owe my life to Jesus and my thanksgiving for the graces he gives me daily, but Mary has become the ultimate mentor for me as a mother. She carried our savior in her womb and though our Lord was without sin, I assure you that Mary was without sleep!

I petition our Lord daily for strength and grace and patience....and sometimes I don't, but should...He is merciful and prudent in His provisions. He gives me just what I need, but not too much, lest I forget to seek His face again.

In other times I call on Mary. I meditate on how she, "full of grace," handled certain situations. Yes, I believe she was without sin, but yes, I also believe that she needed Jesus' great passion just like the rest of us. She was by no means exempt from His mercy. She was created for this by God. She was kept clean to be the vessel by which God carried out the ultimate sacrifice for His children. We'll save those thoughts for another day...

Back to Mary. She was a wife, a mother, a housekeeper, a friend. She struggled as I do. She had a great responsibility, as we do. I can learn and grow and ask for her help as I would my very own mother. In that I take great comfort. I have a father and a mother in heaven and it's a beautiful thing.

Yours in Christ through Mary.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

a time for change

Sorry for the lack of posts. Lent was a very trying season for us, but alas! we are in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church! I couldn't be happier and celebrating this new richness during Eastertide. What could be better than celebrating Jesus' resurrection for 50 days! Easter isn't over, it has only just begun and as a family, we begin our new lives with it.

a beautiful St. Benedict crucifix from my sponsor!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

lenten reading

A few books i plan to read this Lent...

The first two focus on Jesus' life and ministry (thanks Fr. Z!)...

The last one will focus on my home and will (hopefully) bring me some godly perspective over the way I order my home and days. The Lord knows I need it!

It's Ash Wednesday. Here we go!